the Features

Origin- Sparta, Tennessee

Genre- Indie Rock

Active Since- 1994

Labels- Spongebath Records, Fierce Panda, Universal Records

The Features’ official website

The Features are a pretty good band. Although they haven’t really had much success in the US, the UK has them covered well enough that they can call themselves professionals.

Only two of the four original band members are still in The Features; Matt Pelham and Roger Dabbs. The other two, Don Sergio and Parrish Yaw left around 1998, after the band’s first release failed to be released for Spongebath Records, all except for the songs “Thursday” and “Rabbit March”. After their second release attempt failed, The Features self-released an EP album, “The Beginning”, which was re-released in 2004 by Universal Records, due to the band’s public favor. They continued on to release three more albums, “Exhibit A”, “Contrast”, and “Some Kind of Salvation”. The latter was re-released as an imprint from The Kings of Leon, and was very successful. The Features have gained quite a bit of exposure from opening Kings of Leon tour concerts.

Matt Pelham’s vocals are, in my opinion, exceptional, but his rather falsetto moments are a little annoying. I don’t normally enjoy listening to a song with such a high singer (for a guy). His choruses are often drowned out by instrumental overkill, but that’s ok, because the guitars and drums are awesome. The bass also adds the correct touch. The Features add the occasional brass or saxophone in their albums, which is often a risk for an indie band, but they work it out nicely.

I bought The Features’ entire new album (Some Kind of Salvation) and love it. I would strongly recommend this band.

left to right; Rollum Haas, Matt Pelham, Mark Bond, Roger Dabbs

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