The purpose of this site is to find as much of the music this world has to offer as possible. My current goal is to post about 600 different bands by March of 2011. After that, I’ll continue to another set goal, but I’ll write more about concerts and musical theory among different cultures and genres, etc. But it won’t be boring, like musical theory often is. It’ll be more like (for example) discerning the difference between rock and metal. Believe it or not, there’s a whole science behind that.

As for me, I’m a teenager who loves music. I love it so much that I take every opportunity that passes my way to express that passion. I play three instruments- the Trombone, the Piano, and the Pipe Organ. I have read many books on various types and genres of music, and have a strong understanding of musical theory and history. So I’ve decided to channel my musical obsession into this blog. All I ask of you is to comment and subscribe, and any feedback will be appreciated and heeded.

-Westley Jennings

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