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a Brief Introduction

This being the first post on this website, I would like to make an introduction to what this blog is and why you should be interested.

I am going to find bands, artists, and musical groups from all over the world and blog about them, no matter what genre. I will also review individual albums and concerts, tours and music videos from groups and artists. All of my material is completely original, and I will do extensive research on each of these bands before formulating an educated opinion. For more information, just check out the ‘about’ page.

Expect posts at least five times a week, and they’ll be fairly long. Please note that all content on this blog is copyrighted in my name, and in the name of Project Reugenott, a social networking community that I own.

Well, that about sums it up. I hope this will be an interesting blog in the near future.

-Westley Jennings