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Origin- Clenze, Wendland (Germany)

Genre- Pop Rock

Active Since- 2004

Labels- Universal Music Group

Madsen’s official website

One of the most popular German bands to emerge in the last ten years, Madsen is a wonderful example of German music. I have extensive knowledge of German bands and have access to German top 200 charts, and Madsen is impressive.

The three Madsen brothers were part of two bands before forming Madsen, Alice’s Gun (hard rock) and Hoerstautz (hiphop). By 2000, they started sending demos to UMG (Universal Music Group). At the end of 2004, UMG signed Madsen into a contract. At this point, the band consisted of five members; Sebastien Madsen(vocals), Johannes Madsen(guitar), Sascha Madsen(drums), Folkert Jahnke(keyboard), and Niko Maurer(Bass guitar). Folkert Jahnke left the band later on.

The band started out playing extensive regional shows in Wendland, a Slavic area in central Germany. In May of 2005, Madsen released their first album, Madsen, which peaked at #23 on German music charts, and #39 in Austria. In that year, the group performed at four of Germany’s largest music festivals (which are all some of the largest in Europe), including Rock im Park, Rock am Ring, Highfield, and Hurricane. In June of 2006 they performed at the Nova Rock music festival, which has boasted such performers as Audioslave, System of a Down, Green Day, Metallica, and Guns N’ Roses.

Madsen released Goodbye Logik, their third album, in August 2006. Goodbye Logik peaked at #8 in Germany and #18 in Austria, a huge success for the band. Frieden im Krieg (Peace in War) was released in 2008, Madsen’s third album.

Madsen has produced six #1 chart toppers, all singles from the three albums. “Du Schreibst Geschichte” gained #1 for nine weeks, which is Madsen’s greatest hit so far.

Madsen is what I would call a respectable band, both for their success and their talent. They still, however, retain the qualities of a garage band, and a few things are proving problematic for them. Sebastien Madsen’s vocals are a little strained at times, and often not really assisting the instrumentals. He’s still good in most of his songs, though, and I’m sure he’ll get better as the band continues to record.

But that’s another problem- they don’t produce enough music. Most bands can release two albums every year, while it takes Madsen almost two years. I just wish they’d get more done, because they’re good, and the world needs more German music.

Other than that and a few little things with individual tracks, Madsen’s good. They can’t compete with the bigger German bands like Rammstein or Culcha Candela, but they hold their own.

I own a few tracks of theirs that I like, and I would encourage you all to take a look at their music, and get what you like, but probably not their entire albums. If you are one who enjoys foreign music and a bit of musical variety, then Madsen is a good choice- or a good start. I’ll be posting more about foreign bands later.

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